Richard Wiseman

Richard has been with the Mudita Trust for many years and is in charge of Finances and organization of events.

Peter Rust

Corporate Fundraiser

Peter plays a key role in the trust gifting from corporate sponsors. With a background in Marketing Peter also runs his own section at the Thai Festival and liaises with Thai Airways, Singa and Chaing beers.

Mrs. Oboom Chutrakul (Mini C)

Honorary Fundraiser and adviser to the trust.
Mini lives in Thailand and organizes many of the shipments which are brought in from Thailand especially for the festival.

Lucinda Leeds

Official Photographer
Lucinda is the trusts photographer and also plays a major role in organising our events.

Melonie Wiseman

Honorary Fundraiser and Advisor

Melonie is one of the main organizers of the festival and liaises with Mudita and the events stallholders. With a background in Travel, Marketing and advertising, Melonie’s role within the Mudita Trust is very valuable.

Adam West and Darren Jones

Site Construction

Adam along with Darren Jones and BU provide the construction services on site from the buildings and structures, water feeds, seating and problem solving during our events. With a background in construction Adam plays a very key role in building the Thai Festival.

Donna Carpenter


Donna is one of the organisers with a background in technical services.


Cara, Kimberley, Mel, and Emma

Childrens Tent Organisers

Paul Norris

Technical Services

Paul provides technical services to the trust from the Tills, Cameras, Wifi and web services.