A Big Thank you

We would like to thank everybody that attended the Amazing Thai Festival this year, especially on Monday when the weather was poor. We hope everyone had a great time and look forward to seeing you at further events.

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Despite the weather we are still open. The Rain is very light with just a small amount of mizzle. There are lots of things to do and see.

Thailand Winners

When you buy a ticket for the Thai Festival make sure you fill in the slip to win a trip to Thailand for two.
Two Winners have already been drawn. With one more day of festivities left you too could be a winner.

Was that a Drone ?

The filming from our Drone was very interested so we have shared it below.

The Monks of Chithurst Visit the Amazing Thai Festival

The Restaurants of the Thai Festival generously offer food to the Monks just before the opening ceremony.

Setup of the Amazing Thai Festival.

The setup of the festival was started on Tuesday 25th August with the initial cabling, stalls and Information Office being setup.

The Amazing Thai Festival 2015

The Trust are now working hard behind the scenes organising the next event. The Bi Annual event will be better than ever with new events booked throughout the August Weekend of 2015